How to Determine if Your Master Bath Needs a Statement Bathtub

To Whirlpool or not to Whirlpool… that is the all-consuming question for many homeowners considering a bathroom remodel. In the 80s and 90s, homes were often built with master baths that focused on the tub — huge tubs with large, lavish decks occupied a big percentage of available bathroom space. Meanwhile, the shower – used daily – was small and undersized.

Large, jetted tubs have become less popular over time, resulting in a lack of use for several reasons:

  • Tubs are considered too big to be “worth it” for one bath
  • Taking a bath requires too much time
  • Large tubs use too much water

As many homeowners prepare to remodel their bathrooms, they question whether to trade the Whirlpool tub for a larger, more practical shower with more features.

Will Removing the Statement Bathtub Decrease Home Value?

Even if you plan to enjoy your new master bath for years to come, you are smart to consider the effect a bathroom remodel will have on the future value of your home.

Good news — removing a large, feature tub won’t harm the value of your home when it is time to sell.

Build the Bathroom that is Right for YOU

If you enjoy the occasional bath, include a tub in your master bath remodel. You may decide to downsize the bathtub and accent the shower instead, but ultimately, you should build the bathroom that is right for you. This will ensure you and your family get the most use out of it.

Rawson Bath After

Don’t worry about whether or not it is right for the next homeowner.

And if you do opt to remove the statement bathtub to accommodate your desired shower, you can rest assured that it will not likely reduce the future resale value of your home since it is the current trend.

Whether you’re ready to start planning your master bath remodel, or want more expert advice before diving in, give us a call!