Getting Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Quotes

Tracking down multiple quotes for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can be time consuming and such a hassle. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your “go-to guy” already on speed dial?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge proponent of homeowners doing research to find a professional with sufficient experience and integrity they can trust to work on their homes. I know that can be difficult, especially if it’s their first remodeling experience.

Experts advise homeowners to solicit at least three bids for any large home remodeling project to compare costs and know they’re getting the best deal. Occasionally, a customer will let me know early in the process they are seeking multiple quotes for their kitchen or bathroom design, and I respect that. It shows they’re trying to be an informed consumer while also trying to play fair with me, the designer.

Every homeowner has the right to seek as many quotes as they desire, and I appreciate when clients share that with me from the beginning. I have been designing kitchens and bathrooms for over 30 years. I love it primarily because every remodeling project takes time, which allows me to build a strong relationship with clients as we work to accomplish a shared vision.

Seeking multiple bids for your project is perhaps the wisest strategy. But if you think of it in terms of other professionals in your life, such as a family physician, an attorney or a financial adviser, a second opinion is not always needed. We typically hire these trusted professionals to provide services based on the belief they will put our needs first. I believe the same can be true when selecting a kitchen or bathroom designer.

An experienced, committed kitchen and bathroom designer brings a unique approach to each project, which often leads to additional design and remodeling projects for other spaces in the home. This knowledge, of course, is what ensures a good designer always puts the homeowner’s interest first.

Relationships take time, and I believe in a long-term approach to build strong ones with my clients. I’d be thrilled to be your “go-to guy” on speed dial, and together we can get right down to the task of designing a beautiful, functional space at a price that fits your needs.