Custom Beams in Kitchen

A New Kitchen for the Ritchey’s in The Westwood Historic District

There are several levels of remodeling projects and this kitchen renovation stood out in both scope of work and level of difficulty. The design required many structural changes including raising a window, removing an interior wall between the kitchen and dining room, and blowing out an exterior wall to create an alcove in the kitchen.

Luckily, Steve and Chad from Steven D. Block Woodworking were up to the task when Tim and Kristin Ritchey reached out. We were delighted to assist when the contractors called for design services and product supply for this extensive remodel project!

With a specific vision in mind, planning began on the kitchen remodel in the Ritchey’s historic Westwood Addition home in Muncie. Steve and Chad demonstrated the amazing skill required to make such comprehensive renovations, all while accommodating a stone facade and a slate roof.  

Here are a couple of before pictures.

Kitchen Renovation

Changes to the exterior were made so seamlessly that it is impossible to tell where the footprint of the “old” kitchen stops and the “new” alcove begins.

From an interior perspective, Steve and Chad perfectly captured the Ritchey’s vision. They were able to enhance the kitchen’s original charm while integrating all the new amenities. For instance, the beaded inset, painted cabinetry is perfect with the age of the home, yet contains the current quiet-close technology. The quartz countertops look as though they belong with the balance of the earthen and neutral tones of the kitchen. The built-in refrigerator with wood panels allows the unit to disappear, resembling a furniture piece.

Here is how this amazing project turned out.

Amazing as they are, none of these elements compare to the remodel’s main feature — The Stickley inspired beams with the back cut support elements that were built and installed with great craftsmanship by Steve and Chad.

Custom Beams in Kitchen

The repetition of the beam gives the home a wonderful flow and captures the precision with which this renovation was completed. Taking that attention to detail one step further, Steve and Chad repeated this look with a new, custom-built hood over the range.

Range Hood with Custom Woodwork

We may be biased, but we love this kitchen (and the exceptional craftsmanship behind it)! When are we starting your next home renovation project?