A 1960’s Style Home Gets a Functional Kitchen Upgrade With Style

The 60s had a lot to offer… from dressing up Barbies to riding banana bikes, one of the most tumultuous decades in American history returned plenty of positives. While the British invaded our stereos, shag carpet and bright, flashy colors permeated home design. 

When this recent kitchen remodel, it was evident this historic 1960s home had seen some updates over the last several decades, but it was still time for the kitchen to receive a facelift. 

The clients prefer clean lines and minimal clutter, so we set out to maintain a modern style with plenty of open space. One way we achieved this was to use open shelving in place of traditional wall cabinets. Not only does this provide a modern feel, but it also contributes to an open, relaxed atmosphere. 

Aside from opening up the kitchen cabinetry, the clients had no desire to make major structural changes to their simple, L-shaped kitchen. So, we set our focus on selecting the right finishes, lighting, and appliances to increase the functionality of their space. 

We immediately got to work removing the bulkheads and extending the cabinets to the ceiling. While current home-building standards call for 9 or 10-foot ceilings, it is common to see 8-foot ceilings in older homes. Taking cabinetry to the ceiling is one way to increase storage and height in the kitchen. 

We also opted for a split finish on the cabinetry, making the lower section dark and the upper cabinets white. This provides some warmth and a modern feel, while also creating interest amongst the simplicity and neutral tones of the kitchen as a whole. 

We recommended quartz countertops for our clients’ refreshed cooking space, as they provide a desirable stone look while being maintenance-free. Newly added recessed can lights provided evenly distributed brightness to illuminate the room overall.

As for appliances, the clients requested a gas cooktop in order to have more control of heat and the overall cooking process. We found the perfect option and also installed an instant hot water dispenser with a filtration system to simplify their cooking even more!

Not only did this kitchen receive a beautiful renovation, but it has become our clients’ “favorite room in the house.” 

“We are so thrilled with our kitchen! Before our remodel, space was tight and everything was dated. Now the kitchen is our favorite room in the house. Greg’s design maximized every inch of our smaller space and created easy access for prepping, cooking, and cleaning up. Beyond the added functionality, the design merged my wife’s and I’s  two very different styles into a beautiful and timeless space we will enjoy for years to come.” – Ashton Bishop, Client

When it was all said and done, this historic 1960s kitchen received the following updates:

  • Took the cabinets to ceiling
  • Opened accent shelving
  • Contrast painted wall cabinets with stained Quartersawn Oak base cabinets
  • Achieved minimalist kitchen design
  • Recessed can lights
  • Installed porcelain tile floor and quartz countertops
  • Added accent hardware pulls
  • Installed Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Filtration System