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8 Simple Kitchen Upgrades with Lasting Impact 

Many would argue that the kitchen is the heart of a home. It houses everything from food prep and family dinners to science experiments and arts and crafts projects. While your list of dream kitchen features may be building with time, consider the impact of a few simple kitchen upgrades in updating your space. Whether they are standalone projects or part of a complete remodel, more minor upgrades can make a huge difference. 

Much like our ideas for simple bathroom updates, these simple kitchen upgrades are practical, unique, and relatively fast! 

8 Simple Kitchen Upgrades with Lasting Impact 

These ideas for simple kitchen upgrades are perfect for budget-conscious homeowners or a facelift between remodels.

1. Upgrade the faucets

This first tip is the epitome of simple yet impactful. Changing out your kitchen faucet can instantly modernize your space and add a range of functionality. If you do decide to remodel in the future, you’ll be one step ahead. 

Pro tip: Note the number of holes on your current faucet before you start shopping. 

2. Put small spaces to use

The kitchen is full of nooks and crannies that can be utilized as storage. For instance, a rolling rack is perfect for the small space next to the fridge. You can store anything from baking sheets to spices here for convenient access. 

Incorporating this space when you do renovate cabinetry makes for a seamless look that considers kitchen organization. Until then, this trick can declutter a small kitchen and make use of functional storage space no matter what size your kitchen. 

3. Replace your countertops

For a real impact, upgrade your countertops by choosing from many types of materials that best suit your needs and budget. From quartz to butcher block, your options are limitless (and we can help you with that). 

Kitchen Upgrade4. Pick up a paintbrush

A 2017 survey found that a fresh coat of paint is one of the best (and fastest!) ways to add value to your home. A light color in the kitchen will make your space seem larger, while unique design choices (think stripes, two-toned walls, and chalkboard paint) can add visual elements that don’t take up counter or wall space. 

You may also consider painting or staining your cabinetry for a fresh look. Painting tuxedo cabinets (where the upper and lower cabinetry are different colors) was shown in a 2018 Zillow report to increase the asking price by about $6,000 more than expected. 

Here is something important…make sure to properly prep the surface of your cabinets before painting to minimize scratches, peeling, and chipping of your new paint. 

Pro tip: Use a washable finish for easier cleaning in the kitchen. 

5. Replace key appliances

According to a 2019 report by Zillow, homes with certain appliances sold (significantly) above listing price. High-end professional appliances, wine cellars, and prep sinks are just a few of the upgrades mentioned. While Zillow does not necessarily recommend that homeowners install these items to increase home value, they may be worth the investment, especially if your family can utilize them now. 

You may also consider replacing outdated appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators, though this will require a bit of an investment. On the other hand, upgrading smaller appliances like microwaves, toasters, and blenders can update your space for less. 

6. Look to the lights

Changing out light fixtures is a simple way to change your kitchen’s entire ambiance. Take it back to the basics of kitchen lighting design with layered lighting. 

Pendant lights are a versatile option, as they can create a new focal point, add a bit of color, or designate a seating area, all without overwhelming the space. Similarly, under-cabinet lighting brightens counter space, creates an open feel, and increases your kitchen functionality.

7. Open your shelving

This age-old trick instantly opens up a small kitchen. What’s more, homes with open shelving in the kitchen sold an average of 11 days faster than those without, according to Zillow

Further customize the look by painting the back wall, using contact paper on shelves, or installing in-cabinet accent lights or glass doors. 

8. Magnetize your storage

A magnetic spice or knife rack adds a design element to your space while taking advantage of often limited space. Magnetic brackets are perfect for knives and scissors, while metal bars with hooks are ideal for spoons and spatulas. 

Which of these simple kitchen upgrades will you be making? We’d love to talk shop and learn how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Give us a call to discuss all of the above!