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8 Simple Bathroom Updates with a Huge Impact

Between showering, getting ready for the day, and, well, taking care of business, we spend a LOT of time in the bathroom. While we’d all love to prepare and pause in a tranquil oasis, it’s easy for the bathroom to become a monotonous, ordinary space. And full-on renovations aren’t always feasible or realistic. That’s why we’ve compiled eight simple bathroom updates that will reinvigorate your space, overhaul or not!

Whether you take on the challenge of updating your bathroom or employ the expertise of a home improvement contractor, these simple tips offer something for everyone. 

8 Simple Bathroom Updates with a Huge Impact 

These ideas for simple bathroom updates are perfect for budget-conscious homeowners or a facelift between bathroom renovations.

1. Upgrade soft surfaces with color

Updating soft surfaces like rugs, towels, shower curtains, and window treatments instantly upgrades your bathroom (no construction required!). Use color and patterns to brighten a neutral bath or soft neutrals to complement bright walls. 

For added flair, get crafty and back a storage unit with colorful adhesive paper. Add wide bows to storage bins and you’ve got new, beautiful bathroom storage! 

2. Tile a bathroom backsplash

A backsplash that goes all the way to the ceiling certainly makes a statement. And it looks extra sharp behind a sink that has walls on either side. Try using dynamic chevron tile (and even adding fun patterned tile to the floor). For a more budget-friendly option, run 3×6 subway tiles in a traditional running bond pattern or create a herringbone pattern. 

Consider taking the backsplash from floor to ceiling if you’ve got a floating vanity.  

And a word about grout: White grout requires maintenance and deep cleaning to keep mold away. Consider a new layer of dark grout, which looks modern with light tile and won’t look dirty after regular washes.

Modern bathroom with subway tile and lighted mirror
Photo by: Zackariah Cole (http://zackariahcole.com)

3. Break out the paint

No room in your bathroom renovation budget for tile? No problem! Paint makes a significant impact too. Simple, soft colors will have you feeling like there’s a spa in your home, while patterns or multiple shades will add a bit of flair!

For fun two-tone walls, measure and mark your paint line (maybe halfway up the wall?) and apply painter’s tape. Use a level to ensure it is straight. Then, simply paint the lower portion your desired color. 

You may also consider painting or staining your cabinetry for a touch of personality. Whether you go bold against white walls or simply add a fresh layer of paint or stain, you’ll instantly brighten up your cabinets. 

4. Upgrade your fixtures and accessories

Nothing screams bathroom upgrade like new fixtures. You can make a massive impact by updating these affordable features, from the showerhead and faucet to towel racks and mirrors. 

Don’t forget the lighting! Practical bathroom lighting is a must and is one of the simplest ways to spice up your bathroom. Chandeliers create instant romance, while clear bulbs scream modern. Find the lights that fit your personality, and you’ll surely love your new space!

5. Bring the outdoors in

Certain houseplants will thrive in artificially lit spaces with lots of humidity. And they’re good for your health. Try incorporating aloe, azaleas, and ferns into your bathroom for a fresh look and natural ambiance. 

This is one of many (simple) ways to make your bathroom feel luxurious

Herbs planted in white pot on a well lit counter6. Maximize storage space

Few things do more for a space than decluttering. One way to increase storage: Try mounting your shelves. Whether this adds storage or saves space in a small bathroom, you’ve instantly upgraded. Try that storage unit trick from the first tip for even more (beautiful) storage in your bathroom!

7. Update your bath fan

This one is more about practicality than visual appeal, though depending on your current fan, it could check both boxes. 

Bath fans remove excess moisture and odors from the bathroom, making them a critical component of your day-to-day bathroom usage. Newer models offer fashion and function, operating more quietly than older ones and coming with various features to complement your bathroom lighting system. 

8. Replace your toilet seat

Trading in your toilet seat adds a quick refresh to the main component of your bathroom. Soft-close options eliminate slamming or shifting and are easy to install!

Consider replacing the entire toilet for water efficiency that offers significant savings. Plus, chair-height toilets provide comfort and easy accessibility. This is ideal for aging in place, which is predicted to be a primary concern for many homeowners in the coming years.


Which of these simple bathroom updates will you be making? We’d love to talk shop and learn how we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Give us a call to discuss all of the above!