White kitchen with brown accents, hood stove, and white tile backsplash

7 Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash You’ll Love

Choosing a kitchen backsplash is serious business. Do you want to make a statement or go with a timeless look? Should you incorporate color or stick with something comfortable? The questions pile up until the countless textures, colors, and materials get so overwhelming that you’re ready to throw in the towel on the entire kitchen redesign. 

Whether you’re in the midst of this vexing ordeal or trying to stay sane from the beginning, rest assured that choosing a kitchen backsplash can be fun. It reflects your family’s personality, after all! 

These seven tips for choosing a kitchen backsplash will simplify the chaotic nightmare of choosing a kitchen backsplash so you can enjoy the process of building your dream kitchen (and also breathe!). 

7 Tips to Take the Stress out of Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

You want the perfect backsplash that complements your cabinetry and countertop flawlessly. You might even say the entirety of your kitchen remodel depends on it. Take a step back and employ these tips to make choosing a kitchen backsplash painless and — dare we say it — fun!

1. Establish the tone of your kitchen

If you don’t know what tone you’re going for in your kitchen, it’s too early to be thinking about backsplashes. Hopefully that provides some relief, as the endless variety of backsplash choices can be significantly reduced once you’ve determined the tone of your kitchen. For instance, you wouldn’t look at glossy backsplash options if you were going for a rustic look. 

Consider things like whether your cabinets will be painted or stained, the finish of your appliances, and the overall trendiness of your kitchen redesign.

2. Consider your material choice

Just as you’d think through the material of your kitchen countertop, you should consider material options for your backsplash. What looks the coolest or most chic may not be practical. For instance, natural stone requires annual sealing and glass could eat up your renovation budget.

Alternatively, ceramic is durable, easily washed, and won’t come close to breaking the bank. And don’t forget about good ol’ tile. It provides a classically timeless look at a reasonable price.

3. Don’t let your backsplash and countertop compete

If you go with a busy countertop, you’ll want a more neutral backsplash. Alternatively, your backsplash can really pop if you have calmer countertops. Consider which you want to stand out and make a decision about both. 

4. Live with your options for awhile

Get tile and color samples the same way you would paint! Tape or prop them up above the sink and stove to see what you think at various points throughout the day. Natural light may hit them differently throughout the day, or you may like one more than the other over a cup of coffee as opposed to at dinner. Only you can judge which option feels right and you don’t have to explain your reasoning to anyone (other than family…).

5. Use the backsplash to expand your kitchen

If your kitchen is tight, visually expand it by wrapping the backsplash around the room. This will add to your kitchen remodel budget, but create a contemporary feel that tricks the eye into seeing a larger space. 

6. Opt for an accent backsplash

If you absolutely love a bold or intricate pattern, consider using it to accent areas like behind the stove and sink. Keeping other areas, like below your cabinetry, more subtle will not only help the accent area stand out, but you’ll likely save some money by not using the more detailed material throughout the kitchen.

Accent backsplashes can also be played up with strategic lighting elements in the kitchen!

7. Put your money where your grout is

While it would be fantastic if your kitchen backsplash captured the essence of your soul, color and texture trends go in and out of style. The grout is the foundation of your backsplash, so budget for it accordingly and do what you can with the remainder of your backsplash budget.  

After thinking about your backsplash in these new ways — and taking several deep breaths — you’ll find that choosing a kitchen backsplash isn’t as difficult as you’d thought. Preliminary choices like countertops and cabinetry will guide your decision, while overall tone and design judgments keep you on the right path.  

We like to think we take choosing a kitchen backsplash seriously so you don’t have to. We’d love to help you through the process so you not only end up with a backsplash you love, but also have a little fun along the way. Give us a call to take the headache out of finding your perfect kitchen backsplash!