Blue and gray backsplash with white counter in newly renovated kitchen

7 Life-Changing Kitchen Storage Solutions

You use the kitchen daily, but store things there that may only be used once a year. To keep daily-use items clutter-free and easy to find, kitchen organization is key. From counter space to drawer organization, there are easy kitchen storage solutions you can implement to make your time in the kitchen a lot less stressful.

These kitchen storage ideas are easy to implement and will have you questioning how you survived before them!

7 Kitchen Storage Solutions You Need Right Now

We’re no strangers to angry kitchen outbursts (where IS the carrot peeler?!?). But we’d really prefer the kitchen to be a place of peace and happiness. These kitchen storage solutions are the perfect trick!

1. Build a Diagonal Drawer Organizer

People tend to store items vertically or horizontally in kitchen drawers. By shifting your perspective, you’ll be able to fit longer items diagonally, creating room for small items too. This crafty kitchen storage idea is one of the top Pins by The Kitchn and so easy to make on your own!  

2. Consider Built-in Storage Solutions 

If you’re considering a renovation project, keep kitchen storage solutions in mind as you plan. In addition to building trash cans and spice racks into cabinetry, consider space-saving and clutter-minimizing options like an appliance cabinet. It blends in with your cabinetry but opens to reveal your daily-use items like the coffee pot and toaster. Then closes to hide them from view

3. Use a Tension Curtain Rod to Organize Under the Sink

If our own under-sink storage areas are any indicator, we’d be willing to bet this area can use some help in most households. Enter the tension curtain rod. Secure one in your cleaning cabinet to hang spray bottles off of. You can even slide an old mug onto the rod before putting it up to create storage space for sponges and smaller items! 

4. Put Countertop Items on a Tray

Placing items like oils, spices, utensils — whatever you use most — on a tray quickly declutters your space and looks great no matter what type of countertop you have. It makes your most-used items a part of your kitchen decor as opposed to random clutter on the counter. 

White pitcher on wooden tray sitting on new kitchen counter

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5. Create Your Own “Drawer” for Baking Items

Baking sheets and pans are so tricky to organize… hardly anything fits into something else and you risk everything falling on the floor if you pull one item out of the stack. Try building your own “drawer” specific to bakeware. It fits into your existing cabinets to organize your baking items, clearing up space for other kitchen necessities. 

6. Make A Utensil Hanger

A bakeware “drawer” may require a bit of creative skill we don’t all have. But this DIY utensil hanger is easy enough for even a beginner DIY-er. Using a piece of wood and plumbing pipe clips, you can free up space in your utensil drawer and create a visually appealing kitchen storage solution!

7. Use Wire Baskets and Organizers in the Fridge

When you need more fridge and freezer space, look no further than wire baskets and below-shelf hanging organizers. They help you quickly organize those free-for-all spaces and keep small items from getting lost. 

These genius kitchen storage solutions can organize and declutter your existing space in minutes! If you think it may be time for a total kitchen renovation, be sure to keep space-saving ideas in mind as you plan. Give us a call to discuss how you can include built-in kitchen storage solutions in your remodel!