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6 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Include in Your Remodel

A kitchen serves many purposes from helping with homework to entertaining friends and family. When you never know what you’ll need, it’s important to have practical storage solutions in place. And these kitchen organization ideas are built to last! 

If you’re looking for kitchen storage solutions you can implement right now – no remodel required – we’ve got you covered in a previous blog post!  

The kitchen organization ideas in this post are more robust. Many of them can be worked right into your kitchen renovation design!

6 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Include in Your Remodel

Kitchen storage solutions have come a long way since the utensil organizer. These organization tips focus on utilizing the space you’ve got and keeping everything at your fingertips! 

1. Make spices a work of art

This first kitchen organization idea doesn’t require a remodel… just a little creativity. Moving spices out of the cabinet may clear out one shelf or a whole cupboard! No matter how much space you gain, it will pale in comparison to the compliments you’ll receive by turning your spices into art.

The key: matching spice containers. We recommend something clear, like glass. 

This upgrades your spices immediately, making them perfect for display on an open shelf. Take it a step further by nailing slabs of (reclaimed) wood to the wall horizontally. Then attach metal holders that accommodate your upgraded spice containers. Voila – you’ve mastered spice organization and kitchen decor! 

2. Design your cabinets to work for you

Contemporary kitchen design makes the most of shelving and other storage space – you’ve just got to know where you need the help. 

For the Baker – Why not install built-in, vertical tray dividers for cookie sheets and muffin trays? 

For Spaces with Minimal Storage – Anything that can be moved off the counter will help keep your space feeling open and tidy. Consider an open-face drawer with a built-in paper towel dispenser to move paper towels to a more discreet part of the kitchen. Roll-out shelves are another great option for small spaces. They can be custom-built to fit areas like that empty space next to the fridge or sink. 

Pro tip: keep both sides of a pull-out shelf open for maximum convenience. Next to the sink, try installing heavy-duty pegboard in a roll-out shelf so you can add hooks that store brushes and other kitchen tools.

For the Sake of Organizing – Custom drawer dividers make it easy to organize the way that’s best for you. Consider which items you use most and which drawers they belong in. Then, consult with your cabinetry designer to discuss divider options.

3. Repurpose your kitchen island

An island may not be the first place your mind goes when you think kitchen storage, but this solution is modern and practical. If you use your island to prep food, you can keep your most-used utensils, dinnerware, or even fresh veggies handy! 

Pro tip: consider the best material for your countertop and then select cabinetry!

Kitchen that incorporated kitchen organization ideas like repurposing the kitchen island

4. Replace deep cabinets with drawers

Gone are the days of getting down on your knees to dig for something in the back of a cabinet. Replace deep cabinets with drawers that accommodate appliances. You’ll free up counter space AND be able to find what you’re looking for without getting on the floor. 

5. Repurpose false drawers

False drawers are often installed below sinks to keep cabinetry design consistent where functional drawers can’t be put in. But when every inch counts, this space may feel like a waste. 

Make use of false drawers by adding hinges and a tray to keep cleaning essentials tidy and easy to find. 

6. Don’t overlook hard-to-reach spaces

You may have written off tall cabinetry that you can’t reach from the floor. But have you considered unique ways to access items in these areas? 

If you’re space is large enough to accommodate it, a sliding ladder adds a touch of modern creativity to your kitchen renovation design and makes it easy to access hard-to-reach places.

Which of these kitchen organization ideas will make it into your kitchen renovation design? Give us a call to talk through your storage needs and get your remodel started!