6 Contemporary Trends in Kitchen Design

Whether you’re designing a brand new kitchen or reimagining a tired space, current trends in kitchen design are sure to keep the heart of your home warm, yet progressive. We’re loving the way modern amenities and design choices harmonize with classic materials to create a space that’s dynamic, polished, and most importantly – welcoming.

Check out these six kitchen design trends that are sure to inspire your renovation!

6 Trends in Kitchen Design to Modernize Your Space  

From color choices to technological advances, you have more options in kitchen design than ever before! Use these emerging trends in kitchen design to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Open Shelving

While concealed, cleanly integrated cabinetry and storage solutions remain popular, open shelving is gaining traction in new kitchen designs. You’ll make a bold statement with this look that calls on hotel and retail spaces for inspiration. One way to incorporate this look is to replace upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving.

2. Navy Blue Cabinetry and Accents

Big news: white kitchens are popular for their refined feel, but pops of color are huge. Navy blue is one of the most popular colors emerging in kitchen design and it’s fairly easy to incorporate. Whether on cabinetry, counter stools, patterned shades, or coated island pendants, navy blue adds a sophisticated pop of color to an all-white kitchen. This look pairs nicely with other colors and fits in well with wood and stainless steel tones.

3. Technology

Kitchen technology integrations aren’t just for the Jetsons! While fancy appliances like wifi-enabled espresso makers and single-pour wine preservation systems are trending in new kitchen design, even income-constrained renovators can indulge in a little new-age kitchen tech. Apps are making it easier than ever to control features like smart lighting and multi-room audio in any home.

4. Increased Pantry Space

While kitchens of recent years focused on design, function is becoming increasingly important. Whether it be through the open shelving mentioned above or simply choosing a pantry over other amenities like a second sink or oven, keep storage space in mind when designing your kitchen!

5. More Kitchen Windows

Another unique trend in kitchen design: an increase in windows in the kitchen. Despite the increased focus on pantry space, trends are also indicating a decrease in wall cabinets to accommodate the natural lighting windows provide, making it clear that it’s all about balance!

6. Expanded Entertainment Space

Kitchens are the heart of many entertaining events. Oversized islands, double islands, and back, or prep, kitchen areas are on the rise. Many oversized islands offer the convenience of table extensions to maximize entertainment space. Similarly, island tables are becoming smaller, dropping from 36 inches to 30 inches to achieve a more “dining table-like” experience. Prep kitchens offer separate space for messy cooking and meal prep, reserving the main kitchen for presentation and entertainment.

Whatever stage you’re at in designing your perfect kitchen, we hope these trends spark your creativity and inspire you to try something bold. Give us a call to discuss your vision and put it into action!