5 Unexpected Ways to Use Tile in Home Design

From expressive paint and wallpaper to unique fixtures and decor, there are TONS of ways to add personality to your home. Tile is another common home design element that has gained traction as a popular material for creating a memorable space that’s all your own. Forget your average backsplash, we’ve got five amazingly unique ways to use tile in home design!

Which of these intriguing ways to use tile will you implement in your project? 

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Tile in Home Design

Common in bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes, tile is taking over home design! It’s moving beyond flooring and splashes of color to truly make a statement. 

1. Modernize Your Fireplace

Switch out stone around your fireplace for the modern, homey feel of tile. It offers a more affordable price point than masonry, yet is still beautifully compatible with the hearth. 

Using a porcelain tile certified by the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) means it has passed certain testing requirements that ensure it will be safe near the fire. Certified tile is generally denser than non-certified tile, giving it a higher breaking strength. You’ll also want to use a premium-grade thin-set mortar for setting, as it is fortified with polymer for greater bonding strength.

Lemna Fireplace

2. Create Dimension in a Room

Unlike having one focal point, 3D tiles keep eyes moving through your space, creating a modern sense of flow. Use 3D-patterned tiles on the wall for a unique textured look that will draw eyes around the room. 

3. Take it up the Wall 

Using the same tile on the floor and walls can have a dramatic effect on a bathroom, particularly when you go with a bright color. 

4. Go Bold With Mismatched Patterns 

Whether you use bold designs or simple colors, mismatched patterns make a statement. As long as they coordinate, you’re sure to have an unforgettable look! (P.s. We love a bold floor tile paired with a simple painted wall, too!)

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity at Richard's Kitchen and Bath in Muncie

5. Put Tiles on the Ceiling

Tile is having a moment on ceilings everywhere from the bedroom to the dining room.  A more ornate tile on the ceiling adds drama and elegance to the room, which means walls and doors are often best left simple.

No matter which room you end up using tile in, there’s always a way to make a statement. Consider what fits your family best and go from there! 

Of course, deciding which of the unique ways to use tile you’ll personalize is just the beginning! 

If you’d like help thinking through designs, textures, sizes, and ideas, our home design experts are here for you!