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5 Trends to Inspire Your 2019 Bathroom Renovation

New year, new bathroom! Whether you’ve been planning your bathroom renovation for the better part of the past year or are just getting started, check out 2019’s hottest bathroom trends for inspiration.

5 Bathroom Trends for Inspired Design

The last few years have seen the rise of subway tile and gray everything… from floors to vanities, there was no escaping this modern, neutral hue. In 2019, you can expect styles to become even bolder, as dark tones and unique accents lead the way in modern bathroom trends.

1. Black is Back

From light fixtures and cabinetry to vanities and mirrors, black is having a moment. Make a bold statement with your bathroom renovation by incorporating elements with a matte black finish. To keep the dark hue from overpowering your bathroom, use more subtle colors and designs in walls and floors.

2. Industrial-Style Sinks and Vanities

The industrial look has found its way into the bathroom! Vanities with wooden accents, metal finishes, and fun tile patterns are perfect for this look. Vanities that expose sink plumbing are perfect for smaller apartments or hallway bathrooms. Pair industrial sinks with gold or brass accents, matte black fixtures and fun patterns for an even more modern take on this style.

3. Wood Accents

If gray tones are not your style, warmer tones and accents are coming back in. Various shades of wooden vanities and cabinetry are perfect for complementing both light and dark colored bathrooms. They also pair well with vintage and industrial styles, making now the perfect time to add a warm, wooden accent to your bathroom renovation!

4. Statement Mirrors

Forget plated mirrors… Geometric and asymmetrical mirror shapes are here to add personalized style to any bathroom. A unique mirror adds a sleek finish to your bathroom renovation, but be careful not to distract from this stylish piece with improper lighting. While the right front lights can still work, backlit mirrors are becoming increasingly popular in conjunction with unique mirror shapes

5. Brass & Gold Accents

Golden accents create an air of luxury while hiding pesky finger and watermarks. With finishes like satin, matte, and spun gold, these accents add a traditional feel to your bathroom. Try incorporating this warm look in sink and toilet hardware, light fixtures and mirrors!

Gold sink fixtures in bathroom renovation

Whether you have a precise vision you want to bring to life or need an expert opinion on how to incorporate modern bathroom trends in your home, our team of expert designers is only a phone call away!