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5 Trends in Home Design You Can Expect to See by 2030

A lot can happen in a decade… Ten years ago, Oprah hosted her final talk show, gas cost $3.52, and chevron patterns were welcomed into every space of the home. It’s hard to say what pop culture and gas prices will deliver in the next 10 years, but when it comes to trends in home design, the International Furnishings and Design Association has us covered.

Every decade, the IFDA conducts its Vision for the Future of Home survey, which asks its members to weigh in on what they believe the next decade has in store for home design.

Comprised of professionals ranging from designers and manufacturers to retailers and marketers, IFDA’s survey provides a diverse look at trends in home design.

Looking ahead, here are a few of the survey’s major findings.

You’ll See These Trends in Home Design by 2030

From construction to design, these predictions could shape the way we build and buy homes this decade. Here’s what you can expect to see:

1. Living space will get smaller 

For the second decade in a row, survey respondents predict that homes will get smaller. Trends favor fewer rooms and the abandonment of formal living and dining rooms. 

That said, indoor/outdoor rooms continue to remain popular.

2. There will be a focus on aging in place and wellness

Ninety-six percent of respondents said that aging-in-place would be considered in any design plan, while 94% said the same for wellness concerns. These considerations surpass sustainability and green design, which had led the way in previous surveys.

Specifically, wellness is a focal point in the bathroom, where 83% of respondents expect to see wellness-related features. These could include things like steam showers, self-lowering toilet seats/covers, and adjustable lighting. 

Modern bathroom with washer/dryer incorporated into design

The trend of large, luxurious bathrooms is predicted to stay about the same (pssst… we have a few secrets for adding an air of luxury to your bathroom). While water-saving/smart toilets and multi-jet showers were highly ranked enhancements in 2010, the 2020 survey listed smart glass on mirrors and shower doors as a principle desire in the bathroom. 

3. Homes will become smarter

In 2010, the IFDA survey predicted that by 2020 many home furnishings and equipment would be activated by voice and sensor. Though this has not come to fruition as broadly as predicted, the 2020 survey indicates a continued trend in this direction.

Respondents predict that almost every aspect of the home will take on smart technology, including appliances, window treatments, security systems, and doorbells. 

While previous surveys noted that technologies complicate simple tasks and are difficult to use, the current survey saw a decrease in these concerns. Now, worries lie primarily in the potential of hacking and general privacy concerns.  

4. Quartz will take the cake

Quartz ranked highest for the preferred countertop of the future, as did wood for flooring. Similarly, respondents believe there will be less fabric-covered furniture by 2030, though our walls will see an increase in wallcoverings. 

5. Home design will go online

Survey respondents predict that homeowners are more likely to hire an online designer in 2030. Similarly, this year’s survey suggests that by 2030, homeowners will be ordering product from the internet and doing so themselves. 

This last point has us scratching our heads a bit… We love to see homeowners take charge of their projects! At the same time, we’ve seen many a client disappointed after learning they ordered the wrong color/size/item. 

We suggest taking to the internet for inspiration and leaving the project management to a professional. All things to consider when hiring a home improvement contractor

Of course, we’d like to think we’re the right contractor for you, so give us a call to discuss how you’d like to see these trends in home design worked into your renovation!