Desk with T-square ruler for home renovation planning

5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Home Renovation

Sure, home styles of decades past may be making a comeback. But we’re willing to bet things like wallpaper borders, popcorn ceilings, and avocado green pallets won’t be popping up on your inspiration board anytime soon. Whether you’re looking to update an outdated space or make room for a growing family, there are several factors that contribute to the success of your home renovation project.

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Home Renovation

You may know exactly what you want to change about your current space (*cough* avocado color scheme *cough*). Or you may have the start of an idea that you aren’t quite sure how to put into words. Either way, this checklist can help you feel prepared to start a successful home renovation.

1. Address why you want to remodel.

Do you simply feel that your bathroom or kitchen is outdated? Are you not using some features and think you would use others more? We hear this struggle quite often in the world of bathroom renovation as families contemplate whether or not to keep a statement tub in their master baths.

2. Envision how you will use the remodeled space.

Picturing yourself living in your ideal environment can help you make design decisions. For instance, if two people will be using the same bathroom, perhaps it’s time to consider a double sink bathroom vanity. Other things to consider might be how much storage space you need, whether you require space or equipment for someone with limited mobility, and how you want your home to flow.

3. List any requirements you have for your remodel.

Maybe you know you want two sinks or stovetops in your kitchen. Or perhaps “green” home remodeling is important to you. Whatever non-negotiables you have going into your home renovation, jot them down from the get-go.

4. Collect inspiration.

Sites like Pinterest and Houzz are your best friends when it comes to preparing for a home renovation. They’ll help you put that intangible dream home into words (or pictures) and offer a great way to discuss your desires with a designer.

5. Establish a general budget.

Know someone who lays tile? Feel confident you could tackle some aspects on your own? Go for it! For DIY remodelers, this can free up money for larger components of the renovation. However, approach DIY home renovation with caution — if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you’ll end up hiring someone to fix what you’ve started, and that could be less cost-effective in the long run.

Whether you’ve already thought through every item on this list or want a little help getting started, our expert designers are just a phone call away. Call to make an appointment today!