Kitchen remodel with island and bar seats

5 Components of a Kitchen Remodel to Consider as You Entertain

Deciding to undergo a kitchen remodel isn’t necessarily easy — you’ve got to consider your budget, timing, and living plan for the foreseeable future. Once you’ve decided a kitchen renovation is right for you though, you’ll want to think through a few things before diving in.

5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodel

You know those moments when you think to yourself, “THIS is why I need two kitchen sinks!!” as you try to fill a pot of water over a mountain of dishes? Or maybe you realize late at night that you wish you had more lighting. These are the things you should consider before diving into your kitchen renovation. And nothing brings these desires to the surface like a hoard of people gathering in your kitchen.

Whether you’re hosting the family Christmas, a birthday party, or your friends’ weekly game night, keep these things in mind as you approach your kitchen remodel:

1. Storage

Do you have space for everything you need in your kitchen? Plates, utensils, pots and pans, food storage containers, the crock pot you use twice a year… it all has to go somewhere. Take note of what storage concerns you have and how you might improve them. Your kitchen remodel design team can help address your concerns, often in innovative ways you may not have even thought of!

2. Appliance Usage

Everyone is different when it comes to how they use the kitchen. Some people benefit from adding a second sink, oven, stove or even refrigerator. Think about how often you cook and what type of food prep you do to determine if any extra appliances might be helpful.

3. Lighting

Consider whether your kitchen has appropriate lighting for your needs. Depending on your specific kitchen, you’ll likely want to incorporate layers of lighting, including:

  • Task – lighting that illuminates workspaces like countertops or pantries.
  • Accent – lighting like recessed adjustable fixtures or track lights that add dimension to the environment.
  • Decorative – fixtures like chandeliers and wall sconces that bring personality to your space.
  • Ambient – gentle lighting that fills the room with a base layer of light.

4. Seating

The amount of seating you do (or don’t) have becomes very apparent when you entertain. Do you have enough space for everyone you need to accommodate? Consider how often you entertain and how additional seating (or storage solutions) may help you meet those needs.

5. Design Vision

A party is the perfect time to collect opinions! Ask your friends and family what they’d recommend as far as cabinet height and stains, countertop material, and type of flooring. Collect advice from their own kitchen renovation projects and think through which aspects may apply to you.

It’s best to think through these considerations before embarking on your kitchen renovation project… You don’t want any “ah-ha!” moments after you’ve completed your kitchen remodel!

And when you’re ready to start planning, remember our kitchen design experts are only a phone call away!