Home design expert helping customer select products.

4 Reasons You Still Need a Home Design Expert for Your Renovation

Consumers today are more informed than ever… Thanks to increased access to product information, we are all more prepared going into conversations about topics we may have known nothing about decades ago. This is particularly true when it comes to interior home design, as tools like Pinterest and Houzz make it possible for homeowners to forego the traditional process of meeting with a home design expert before beginning a renovation project.

Despite access to inspiration, planning guidelines and even home design basics, never underestimate the power of an experienced interior designer!

4 Reasons a Home Design Expert is Still Your Best Friend

We love when clients come in with full-blown Pinterest inspiration boards and questions on specific materials and styles. But there are some things you just can’t learn without decades of experience in the industry!

1. Attention to Detail

From safety precautions to fine-tuned measurements, we keep tons of details in mind when helping you plan your perfect kitchen or bathroom remodel. When you come in with a specific vision, we’re able to help you bring it to life in a functional way… perhaps the exact vanity or storage solution you found on Instagram won’t work for your space, but we’ll find a solution to evoke your desired feel within your parameters.

2.  Pulling the Entire Project Together

Whether it’s balancing design textures or proportions within a space, an experienced interior designer can help you pull an entire room together. One thing our expert designers in particular are adamant about discussing is design longevity. While you may be up to date on 2019 bathroom design trends, we’ll work with you to ensure your coveted pops of color won’t go out of style (for your long-term enjoyment AND future home value).

3.  Product Knowledge & Education

Despite all the research available online to help you select products, there is always something to be said for having touched, worked with and used said materials. A good home design expert will ask pertinent questions to help you determine the right materials for your project. They’ll recommend what fits you best, and likely even have suggestions for pieces to compliment what you choose!

4.  Customer Service

Just like a predominantly white kitchen will never go out of style, neither will the value of customer service. An experienced interior designer will work alongside you during your project, and still be available to you for years to come. Whether you have an issue with a product or questions on the best way to spruce up your kitchen after a few years, an expert home designer is there to help.

While tools like Pinterest and Instagram are amazing for project planning and inspiration, your project is executed with precision and personalization when you choose a home design expert. And ours are always just a phone call away!